North Korea wants a film fest.

I'd only go to North Korea if I was a psychotic former basketball player that looked like a transvestite
I didn't even know they let tourists in. Why anyone would want to go there anyway, is beyond me.

if you portray him in a good way you will get $$$$$$$$$$$ plus you will be known, its a commercial value to it, some people have morales about it, some people have commercial gain.
Here's my submission:

North Korea doesn't WANT a festival. They have one. The festival in question has been around since 1987: North Korea, like any other country, would love to have more tourist cash, so a travel agency using that as a selling point makes a lot of sense.

Nitpicking a little further, "The Gulag" is not a region, but the name of the Soviet governing body that used to oversee forced labor camps.

There was an interesting article I read recently about how people will believe ANYTHING that you say about North Korea, because it's so shut off from the rest of the world, and the little that does come out is pretty horrific. So it is confirmed that today's dictator did execute his uncle, the stories of him feeding said uncle to dogs are false. But it's NK, so everyone had no problem believing it. There are also studies about how people's initial reactions to a news story tend to stick, and sometimes even be stronger if contradictory information comes from the SAME source. So CNN says "eaten by dogs" and people are (rightly) offended. CNN says the next day "sorry about that, not eaten by dogs" and a good portion of those people then think "coverup!" The psychology of news is really interesting; I'll dig up a few of the studies/articles sometime when I'm not at work.
If you don't mind supporting a lunatic that now has nuclear weapons by all means spend some money over there. Having spent two and a half years just south of that workers paradise I can tell you that they are lousy neighbors. If the world had cut off their food and fuel 20 years ago they would have imploded long before they had the power to start WWIII.