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plot Next Gen Old Man Thriller


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You've seen Liam Neeson in Taken!
You've seen Michael Caine as Harry Brown!

Get ready for the NEXT GENERATION of old man action movies!!!


Sure he uses a walker, but what nobody knows is that this old man's walker is a secret weapon.
Armed with guns, a phaser, taser, and laser this newfangled walker is enough tech to stand toe to toe with the strongest rapscallion.

Forced into retirement by his employers, his social security taken away by congress, this geraitric isn't going to sit on the sidelines for world war 3.
He's gonna show america how much fight one old man can bring.

Could be a great role for someone like Harrison Ford
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Still waiting for Pool Shark! :lol:

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He doesn't need a gadget-laden James-Bond-walker, he needs a sneaky murder weapon like a poison syringe. Possibly hidden in his "Bulgarian" cane. That is basically No Country For Old Men but more plausible.