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press-release New Soundtrack Release!! (Badland)

Hello fellow filmmakers!

My latest project, Badland was recently released theatrically through Cinedigm! The soundtrack (by yours truly) was digitally released alongside the film.
It was a fantastic project to be a part of! You can see Variety's review HERE.

I would love if you could give the music a listen and let me know your thoughts!
My personal favorites are: 15. A Father's Funeral & 21. Taking on Knife's Edge (mostly in context with the visuals)
I even got the opportunity to have a small side of Spaghetti a minute into track 16..... I have too much fun writing music. :wait:

This score ended up being way more orchestral than I had originally planned after reading through the script.... everything changed when I got picture and started working. I love when a project takes on a life of its own!

Oh yea, also worth mentioning that the post-production timeline got shortened incredibly from what was originally scheduled..... which resulted in me writing 70 minutes of music in under 18 days. Most of my experience is writing for Television, but this was the fastest turnaround I've ever had.