New Collaboration Project : 50 States / 50 Films

Hi filmmakers!

I’m looking for collaborators on an interesting project. The goal is to make a film pieced together with short narratives about each of the 50 states in the United States. It’s similar to the idea of Paris, Je t’aime and what it did with the Parisian Arrondissements, but with an American twist in which independent filmmakers can express the state that they represent. The goal would be to have individual voices weave together narrative vignettes to create a larger picture of our country that takes into account each parts defining characteristics equally.

This is NOT a paying job. It is merely an opportunity to collaborate and make something interesting. This is NOT a for-profit project. This is for independent filmmakers. Collaborators will be credited equally.

We will want each short to range from 2-6 minutes in order to incorporate them all. Each short should be created by someone that is in and has some connection to the state they are telling the story about. The story doesn’t have to be about a landmark or necessarily the state at all, it can just be a story taking advantage of and incorporating a unique setting. However, if your state has a particular landmark that you would like to make a film centered around feel free to!

This is just supposed to be a fun project that encourages collaboration and creates something unique and artistic. If you are interested create an idea proposal for your state and send it to me so we can get started right away! You can message me here or send me an email at

Look forward to hearing from you!