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My name is Ben King and I am a Indie Filmmaker. I've always had a love for "Old Style Filmmaking". As probably most of you guys, I think shooting on Film and Using Practical Effects is the best part of filmmaking. Now with the Digital Cinema Age, I think adds to the wonder of the craft. I had an idea roughly 7 years ago about my Old Manual Camera Slider. I didn't want to put it in storage and also I didn't want to sell it, so I had an idea, let's modernize it. So I went to work on many prototypes to solve my issue. After many years and many prototypes, I finally came up with a design that would satisfy me, a low budget indie filmmaker. The device had to be fast to setup and simple, easy to use. It also had to have Speed Control that didn't rely on a Cell Phone App to operate. And lastly, it had to work on Camera Sliders up to 6ft in length. I think I did, here it is the MV-1! Checkout my Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaigns, if you would like to see more, and possibly become a backer! Thanks for reading this post! Talk to you all soon, Ben!

The MV-1 Kickstarter Link:

The MV-1 Indiegogo Link:


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