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watch New Blackmagic 4k Showreel

Hi fellow filmmakers!

I like to present to you our Blackmagic Production Camera Compilatio. My filmpartner Vi-Dan Tran and me have been using the BMPC since May and we had a blast so far! We really love the camera! It's image quality is just amazing. It is still very small and light.

The Showreel consists of Footage from all the projects we shot with the BMPC. Unfortunately not all of them were shot in 4K, so we rendered the video in 2K.


Hope you enjoy it. Any Feedback is welcome :)

Best regards
Shawn Bu
It is a great Camera, got to experience it in action today. So much control, So much better than DSLR. The 4K is just stunning. Battery life isn't great though. Had to use extra £1,000 battery, ridiculous. Astounding camera though. I'd love to properly use one for one of my films, that would be a dream. Some stunning work, keep it up!