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Need to Find Crew? Want to Showcase Your Work?

Exposing The Crew is the perfect hub for amazing indie film projects, as well as for finding amazing indie crew. Get yourself noticed!

Get your work and crew highlighted on ETC, FREE, and become a permanent crew member listed on our website - your work will be put in the forefront of people who are hiring indie filmmakers!

Here's how ETC works:

1. YOU submit your short films

2. Every week on ExposingTheCrew.com we highlight a short film that did a FANTASTIC job in a certain area of production (Camera work, Make-up, Editing, etc.)

3. We EXPOSE that short film and the ONE CREW MEMBER responsible for that area of production (DP, Make-up artist, Editor, etc)

4. Your short films get blasted out to our national indie filmmakers subscribers and our list of top film executives!

Check us out to get started!