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treatment Need help with PLOT and TREATMENT

Thanks for chiming in. Someone who takes the nobler route would put both twins up for adoption and the less nobler one would put the sick one up for adoption I would think,

An ideal scenario I am looking for is one where the 2 mothers and 2 misplaced twins are oblivious as my story works best where the audience believes both mothers care about their children.

It is a story about sacrifice
What's "noble" about abandoning both of your children? And maybe I don't understand because I'm only a dad, but IMHO the only one's sacrificing anything are the babies. Or are you saying that "noble actions" have a different meaning to Bollywood? BTW, I've been a member here for about 10 years, and I've learned that Mlesemann isn't just another pretty face... when she speaks, you'd be well served to pay attention to what she says.
Well, I was commenting on a Reddit discussion about a real life case of woman who was considering putting up one twin up for adoption and raising the other. Seems that post has since been removed but those who were commenting asked a good question, "How do you choose which twin to keep?"

And there's the question of separating the twins altogether. Some of the comments were from actual twins and it is interesting the strong bond that exists between them. In fact, in the eyes of the posters who were twins, they were quite adamant that separating them would be the worst thing that would come out of it.

My wife is an identical twin herself and I just posed her this very question. She confirmed that she felt as though her twin is almost an extension of herself. When I asked her to compare the relationship between her twin and her younger sister (younger by two years), she said it’s not even close. So my response was somewhat nuanced based on the Reddit discussion.

The right thing to do is for the mom to keep both, obviously!

Unless we are twins ourselves, it is a difficult thing to weigh on either side of the debate, but as Mlesemann suggested, the reality is people would not adopt the twins if one was sick so it is a terrible situation all around.

As a parent myself, I would hate to have to make that sort of decision of which one of my kids I have to choose. When I was a kid, I remember watching a TV movie that depicted this situation. It was called “Who will love my children”. I clearly remember watching that movie because my dad was crying his eyes out the whole time throughout the movie. It’s a real tear jerker based on a true story.

As a kid, I wasn’t too emotional when I saw that one but watching it now may have a different effect on me. The “scene” that made me cry as a kid was from "The Champ", which is recognized as the saddest scene in film history. The movie itself wasn't great but that last scene when the champ dies...Oh man it's tough to watch.