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lighting Need camera and lighting info

I’m going to differ from Rik here just a little (not disagree, just differ).

This is what filmmaking - and IndieTalk - are all about. You try Rik's way. You try Al's way. You learn things. Al's way works good for this, but rik's way may apply somewhere else later. Maybe that ugly light mix may work one day because that's the way you want to tell that visual story.

There is no right way; we pick from all those varied techniques to tell our stories the way that we want to tell them.

That’s a very fair question, though hands-and-pans demos are often just video and music, no narration. This is especially common with model-making demos.

Oh, come on, Al; As a sound guy you know that I just HAVE to stick my nose in and mention sound-for-picture.
Sound for picture? Never heard of it. 😬

Doin' okay.