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service Need a Film Composer? Let's trade :)

Hi there! My name is Miles, but I produce music under the name Baze Blackwood. I've always been inspired by film music, so now I want to make it—that's where you come in!

A barter arrangement with a diy filmmaker type is ideal for me (and maybe you too!). In return for composing original music for your film, here are some ways you could help me:

- Supply me with unused B-roll or footage for a music video
- Advise me on the creation of—or edit—my composer reel
- Help me with videography of a performance or take promo/headshots for my solo project
- Something entirely unrelated to video/film/photography—you all seem very multitalented people and I'm sure we can work something out!

Feel free to contact me here on this thread or at milesblackwoodmusic@gmail.com

Some samples of my music, much of it has vocals, but I try to create arrangements that feel full on their own.

The Life of the Bee
Genre: Alternative
Mood: Melancholy, Contemplative

Don't Remember (with Arc Iris)
Genre: Synth Pop
Mood: Ethereal, Mysterious

Cloud Companion (under alias RILEMOB)
Genre: Instrumental Electronica
Mood: Confident, Cerebral

Bonus if you read this far, here's one of my self-produced songs accompanied by a lovingly crafted claymation (by the ever impressive Melting Castle).

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