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Hello everyone! I'm extremely excited, because my new movie "Retribution" is official out!!! I've been working on it since the beginning of the summer, and it's finally here! I've used IndieTalk a lot in order to help me try a bunch of new things I've never done before in any of my work. So thank you very much IndieTalk for all your help and I hope you enjoy this new short!!!

The movie actually falls under a couple different genres as it's mood chances throughout the film. It's a Action/Comedy/Thriller film that follows the life of Nate Johnson. Nate has gotten himself into some trouble as he owes a large drug gang over half a million dollars. He has a limited time to get that money to them, but the only problem is he doesn't really want to give them that money. That's just where the trouble begins ;)

Also just some other information on the film is we had a VERY small budget of under $50 in total. I myself (Gage Welch) directed, filmed, and acted for the film. Retribution was written by me also with the help of Beau Briles, who plays the main character Nate Johnson. The entire cast only consists of 14 people, and some of them played more than one character in the film :) Just thought I'd mention these fun little facts!

I hope everyone enjoys the film, and I'd love to hear some honest feedback on it. Things I need to work on for my new film, things you liked, and really just anything else you might have!!! Enjoy!

Here is the link: (The film itself is about 28 minutes, but there are credits and bloopers at the end) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioLumVUHHXw

-Gage Welch