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watch My Reel for 2007!

Here's a collection of footage from some of my projects up to 2007.


Tear it apart, I want to make it better!
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Pretty cool. The only thing that jumped out was the white font blending into the white center of the background. I like that background. How did you render that?
that background was from Apple's Motion, it's a particle emitter with blue stuff coming out. You're right about the font...I may out line that or something...those titles are generated and animated in FCP. The title card at the beginning is all done in Motion.
Thanks guys. I actually originally had more of that particular part of SCJD in there, but it was too slow for the piece...had to keep moving. The music is all just royalty free clips from soundtrack pro arranged together to follow the feel of the particular segment. I tried to stick to bits that were in the same key/mode and the same tempo, so I could just slap stuff together willy nilly as I wanted.
Well done. I like the slow zoom--very effective. What are you shooting with and editing? I see you are doing wedding and dances too? I am covering a dance performance this weekend. Send me post privately about creating a little RING--we might be able to help each other out with projects in MN.

T, Duluth, MN
Shooting with a Canon XL1s editing in Final Cut Pro. The slow pushes were all done with either skateboards or a skate dolly based off the plans at digital juice's DJTV website. Except the event shooting which needs to be light an unobtrusive.
So I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on things!

This is a great demo reel. I've always admired what you do with your lighting--very impressive. I especially liked the shadow work. And how funny to see some French Onion footage in there!
I will eventually finish editing French Onion, we got good footage from it, just ran out of time on the comp and had to finish the other two. I spent so much time on the audio for Scare Tactics that I couldn't get to FO :( I have a wedding I have to edit first (I'm late on that, but doing it for free)...then I'm going to finish off my other projects that I have been pushing back as other stuff comes up.