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watch My New Film Noir/Martial Arts Batman Web Series

The pilot follows Commissioner Gordon, in his most promising attempt at capturing the long-reigning Black Mask, who took control of Gotham after Batman vanished three years ago. Unbeknownst to Gordon, however, he is about to fall into a trap set by Black Mask and the new villain in Gotham--a mysterious masked figure named Nightmare, who has his own plan for luring out Batman for a one-on-one match.

"BMOF" offers an alternative take on the Batman universe, in which there is a heavy emphasis on Martial Arts and Film Noir. "BMOF" will be the first live-action piece that shows Batman as a full-fledged martial artist. In addition, the show will introduce a brand new villain in Nightmare.

The cast includes Raw Leiba (Bone Tomahawk with Kurt Russell, The Heat with Sandra Bullock, and was in talks to play Killmonger in Black Panther) as Nightmare; and Johnny Alonso (Dawson's Creek) as Bruce Wayne.