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My First Video Clip



Lil bit about the work.
I really wanted to shoot a music clip, because I love watching them and it's a cool spot to start developoing cinematography skills.
We had no budget and because of that I decided to make a street video. So I just rented a GH5s and a 12-60 mm lens for it and that's it.

But of course I had an idea!
1) to make the color contract between bright blue and yellow and make these colors the main colors for the work.
2) to shoot the video against the background of post-war Soviet architecture as a way to emphasize the lyrics.
(The song is about achievements that are usually based on pain and post-war architecture is a great example of it)

Obviously, I was inspired by Dexter Navy's works and it's not a good thing, because my main reference was in the same creative field as I am!

Also, I'm a newbie and it's literally my first experience. So I decided to take a piece that I could swallow. It was the reason why I decided to make the video without plot, because it would bring a new level of difficulty for which I was too greeny.
And you know, I've learned alot! I did mistakes in shooting and editing, that I will never do anymore and I've learned something about my self, so overall It was a great experience!


I will glad to hear any feedback from you. What you like or don't. What I could do better or just give me your thoughts about it!
Aslo you can check the project for this work on behance))
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