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music Music Cue Sheet

In the music cue sheet, there are notations like 1m00, 1m01, 1m01b etc. (I have attached a sample cue sheet). What do they represent?

Also, in each music cue sheet, there is also something called "12 Starts", "5 Starts" etc. What does this mean?

Thank you.


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The notation you are referring to is the Cue ID. It's notation origin goes back to when films were split into different reels, each one around 20 minutes.

The first number in 1m03, means the reel number - reel 1. The second number is the cue in that reel, so cue number 3.

Sometimes you'll see that the cue numbers reset at every reel, and sometimes they continue. This means you could see 1m03 followed by either 2m01 or 2m04, and they'd both be equally valid. The number of starts is the number of cues within that reel (I believe).

Cue sheets would normally also include cue in / out times and duration times as well.