Mid-range lens brands (Sigma, Rokinon, Tokina)

I finally just got my BM Pocket Camera and after playing with it a bit, I realize I need to purchase another lens or two. My criteria is a fast prime near the ~$500 price point. I'll definitely be picking up a 24mm and possibly something else in the 14-17mm range.

Does anyone prefer any brands over another? I've heard mixed things about Sigma and I am intrigued by the aperture control on the Rokinon cine lenses.

If it makes any difference I'll be buying the Canon EF mount version so I can use with my 5D or adapt to the Pocket Camera. As much as I love L glass I can't afford to pay 1500+ per lens.
I'd stay away from those cheap focal reducers if you care at all about quality - none of them come close to the metabones ones, especially at wider apertures.

Sigma's 'Art' line are very highly regarded - their other stuff varies quite a bit in terms of quality. The 18-35mm f/1.8 might be a good choice for your needs - it's $800, but it would cover the range of a couple of primes in the focal lengths you're looking at.
I do plan to get the Metabones speedbooster eventually - we're on the same page though!!

The lens you mentioned did catch my attention. I read that it's very contrast-y though. Perhaps this is another topic altogether, but do you think that should even be an issue with the "flat" image that Blackmagic's cameras produce?

EDIT - The B&H listing for that lens says it's for APS-C sensors. Does that mean it will vignette if I use it on my 5D?
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Forgot about that - you're right, it's not a full-frame lens, so it won't work on the 5D, except maybe at the 35mm end of the zoom.

A lens with strong contrast shouldn't be an issue with shooting flat - they'll balance out nicely. I'd be more concerned with using a super low contrast lens (i.e. dog schidt optiks' 'stupid low' option) because you potentially would have too little contrast combined with a very flat profile.
a lot of people are using c-mount lenses on their black magic pocket cameras.. new ones intended for cctv cameras, and old ones from super16 cameras and the like. Note that many of the old 16mm lenses don't have a large enough image circle to fill the full sensor, so you get vignetting, especially at wider angles.
RJ Speedboosters are well regarded if you can't spring for MB. I get mixed up on the math, but won't 14mm on a bmpcc work out to 42mm ff? Then you speedbooster it and you be aound 30mm?