MasterClass Online Classes

I couldn't help but notice a number of directors, actors, and writers advertised for it. If you watch much YouTube, you've probably seen these ads too.

Any thoughts about this product?

Has anyone bought/taken/watched one? If so, do you have a review or opinion on it? Was it worth the money?


I've signed up for it a while back when it was first popping off. I did the Werner Herzog course first, and then listened to some of the Ron Howard and Martin Scorcese videos. I'd say if you are the type that gains a lot from watching people talk, then you could get some cool insights. I don't know if I would say it was worth the asking price, because its just one of those things I listened to, and then moved on from.

The Werner Herzog videos got me over my fear of starting filmmaking. So I would say I got something out of it for sure. But I no longer pay to access the service, or have any continued need for it.
I watched a few courses last month including some non-filmmaking courses. My favorite one is Martin Scorsese's class. I liked it. Listening to him really inspired me.

At the same time, I also have to mention that on some topics I preferred books over listening, as the topics are only outlined and didn't go into detail.

I bought this last month when they offered 'buy 1 share 1' for a year (COVID deal?). I have started listening to some random topics (the art of magic, business strategies) which are also pretty good.