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campaign MANDJE - Crowdfunding Pitch

This film is an attempt to create a darker take on the brothers Grimm tale "A Fisherman and his Wife". It is a tale of lust and greed, humility and courage. We hope you enjoy our vision of this fairy tale. It's always a challenge putting our baby out into the public eye... Hoping that others can see the dream we have and help make that dream easier to create. This time, we are asking for a small humble amount of assistance... So that I can pay these hard working actors, support the locations, and afford the sound mixing that will push this film into a worldwide release at festivals. Even if you are only willing to donate $5 worth, that is something. It all helps, more than people even realize. Not only does it motivate us, but it helps us promote the project and get investment with sponsors/locations. Also, cool prizes await you! Phew, that was a long post!!! Hope you all enjoy our pitch video, and we look forward to creating MANDJE for the world to see in summer 2023.