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MANDJE - based on a German fairytale

This was really good. Blocking and cinematography were all done well. I did kind of want to see the fish demon. Scoring was handled very well also. My only complaint, and it's minor and fixable, is that your combination of high noise and dark scenes often created encoding issues with youtube that were frequently distracting. What I've seen work in the past to alleviate that is simply changing your upload codec to youtube native, so that you can see the encoding damage and counteract it before it happens. The film grain works, the film damage works, but the compression artifacts just look bad. Another tac to fight compression artifacts is to upload in 4k (even if your film is in 720p, just upscale with Topaz), and you'll get a higher native bitrate from the youtube encoder, which helps this type of issue.

Great work though, one of the best films I've ever seen posted here!

If you need any help setting up Topaz for one click repair and reformat, feel free to ask. It won't remove any of your stylistic layer, unless you ask it to, and simply upscales, smooths, and refines video while preserving the original feel (it that's what you set it to do)
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Bump. I know Cam worked on this for a long time, so I'm not letting it get bumped off the front page before anyone sees it, especially since that's mostly my fault, lol.

Good indie film, everybody should take a minute to check this out!