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Mac Pro Equivalent Custom £900 (i7 4.2Ghz / 16gb Ram / 3gb hd7950 /240gb SSD + 2x2tb

Mac Pro Equivalent Custom £875 (i7 4.2Ghz / 16gb Ram / 3gb hd7950 /240gb SSD + 2x2tb

Revolutionary May Day Y'all - Peoples' Mac Pro for sale - £875 (opportunist cooption).

It performs somewhere between the £2600 mac pro and the £2400 imac and is set up for photo/video processing with a gpu that rates highly for opencl/cuda (for finalcut/premiere/ae etc.)

With the BruceX benchmark, I get an average of 25 seconds, you can compare it with the following graph. I can probably squeeze another second out of it in Yosemite, this is with Mavericks.

I have to move out of London due to budget issues so my dear workstation is for sale cheap, as I cannot carry it, and I have to sell it fast. It cost me £1300 to build.

It is running osx yosemite, you can install windows or linux on it if that's your thing . I will include some presents ( hf-110 headphones and an intuos 3 tablet). Can come and help install if you are in london, calibrate your display and also help with whatever technical issues you might have related or unrelated to the build ( I do this freelance for museums and artists ).

i7 Quad core 4770k 4.2GHZ
16 GB Ram (Can take 16 more)
Gigabyte HD7950 OC 3GB
240GB Flash storage
2x 2TB Hds for Scratch & Project files
a/b/g/n Wi-fi
USB 3.0 Ports coming out the wazoo (8 of them)
Decent onboard sound with optical out, you can obviously connect USB interfaces for fancier DACs/Input
Running with fancy cooling in a silent case that can accommodate a lot of harddrives if you want

detailed part list with current market prices of parts: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/Qf7DNG

can send online trading references if needed.
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