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LX100 vs Canon 7D for music video?


I have to shoot this music video very very soon and im kind of engaged

in an internal debate what camera i should use. Im operating on a extemely tight

budget and limited equipement. Heres my gear for shooting :

Canon 7D with a very average lens ( 18 - 200mm F3.5 )

Lumix LX100 F1.7 ( wich shoots in 4K )

GoPro Hero 5 ( maybe for B Roll footage or action cam stuff )

My "internal" debate concerns wether i should use the Canon or the LX100 as my main

camera. Wich one would you suggest? Ive tried many picture styles with the Canon

ie : CineStyle, VisionColor etc... for post color grading.

Any input would be higly appreciated as its my first shooting and would like to make

a best educated choice for this.

Thanks in advance and cheers from Madagascar!