Looking for Sound Engineer for Animatics (unpaid)


Hey y'all. I'm an aspiring storyboard artist. I am currently working on a series of personal projects, making storyboard sequences for my portfolio. I am taking a few scenes from some of my favourite books and storyboarding them. Next I want to turn them into full blown animatics, complete with voice acting and sound.

The first project is from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. You can see the first draft of my storyboards here:
I will be re-working this based on feedback from my mentor, and generally improving the quality of the drawings. I have already had some decent auditions from voice actors.

The follow up projects are still in their initial stages, but I will be boarding a few scenes from the start of The Painted Man (or The Warded Man) by Peter V Brett.

As stated in the title, this is unpaid. You would be fully credited, obviously, and encouraged to share it. I imagine this could be useful for you in the same way it will be for me - good to show off in a portfolio. It's helpful to show you can work with others, collaborate successfully, and a fully developed personal project is much more attention-grabbing.