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wanted Looking for Final Draft

Hello. I'm looking for Final Draft 9 or 10 - apparently v8 and earlier, which do turn up on eBay and the like, can no longer be activated. Does anyone have a copy of either for sale?

Many thanks.
Lucky Hardwood, there was: I was reluctant to upgrade my Windows 7 PC to Win 10, and the latest FD wouldn't run on it. But circumstances dictated that I had no choice and in fact I've now purchased Final Draft 12 with which I'm slowly getting to grips.

Thanks for reminding my of my Wanted post here: I should have removed or edited it before now.
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it's likely not the response you're looking for, but my 2c is this. I used to try to hold my ground on versions of various software, windows included, but over the years, I find you can't fight city hall, especially when working on pro stuff. They keep changing versions of everything all the time, and if you want all of it to work, you basically just have to keep everything updated to present day. I liked windows 7 a lot, but every month or so one of my programs updates and needs some new feature that's only supported by a new version. In addition, you'll start having problems with output file version compatibility using old software. Maybe that's no big deal if you just want to print out a script. I think that's why advice is valued at 2 cents. Just saying, when I try to send a 3ds max 2015 file to someone running 2021, a lot of phone calls and messages ensue, and at the end of the day it's not worth it, trying to convert everything and use proxy files so I can hold ground on an older version of software X.