Looking for clips from Indie Horror Films

I am looking for any horror filmmakers out there that would let me use a clip from their horror film if it has any scene with a damsel in distress with some dialogue then screaming and fleeing and/or getting a cloth over the mouth and mmmpphing and getting knocked out, scenes we see so much in horror films. Generic so I'm assuming it won't be hard to find! Can be from any length film, I just need the scenes.
I'm making a short film about a voice over artist that used to work in cartoons but now can only get work dubbing American horror movies in Spanish and I am going to have a scene showing different films she has to dub and what her career has come
to and what it does to her emotionally.
I thought it would be cool to use a clip from something existing and give that filmmaker and actress some extra exposure. If you have a film that has a scene like this and you'd be willing to let me use it, please send me a private message, thanks!

- Ken

If you feel you have something I could use (would give you full credit too of course,) please e-mail me at: