Looking for a "Monster Movie" script to turn into an Audio Drama

Hey everyone,

I'm part of a team that produces high-quality audio dramas, and we're currently tossing around the idea of doing a monster/kaiju story. I figured a great place to look for scripts would be here!

What we're looking for:
• We're looking at doing a story over 4 x 25min episodes, so it'd need to be a feature-length script
• Monsters are great, but it'll need lots of human characters for various actors to play
• All monsters/characters need to be copyright free (or have received express permission for use from creators)

So ideally, we'd be looking for a story involving one or more monsters/kaiju, but taken from a human perspective, that could be released in four episodes totalling an hour or more. If anyone has a story they'd like to be considered, post here or PM me.

Thank you for your time!