live action piece needed for a cartoon,regarding a water charity event. [NO PAY.]

alright, I'm having a bit of trouble with my current project. see, I'm a cartoonist, an animator, not a live action director. I can't act[or even really talk] in front of a camera, and I can't seem to find any suitable public domain footage, so if anyone needs a little job to help gain some exposure, like me, read on for additional detailing:

as the title suggested...30 seconds should do it. basically, the importance to donate clean water to those who severely [or even remotely] need it.

nothing too deep or depressing. seeing as how this is supposed to be a somewhat comical cartoon, I don't want to have two radically different themes at the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum featured in the same project. I don't know, something light. you know, just in order to alert the audience of the seriousness of this issue. I know this may and probably is a lot to ask, but I figured, while I work to get the animation and editing complete, I should branch out and see if the live action directors can do what I seemingly can't.

well, that just about covers it. as for those of you who are wondering why I didn't include a deadline, or even when the deadine is, I'm with you. haven't been given the [newest deadline], but I say by august is when I expect to get this complete....I think that covers all of it.

I hardly check up here, so if you're interested, PLEASE...reach

you can find the specific organization at:!/pages/Aqua-United/115944728485257?sk=info

thanks for reading.

-Jared Kowis
Kowis Animation