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Last Call For 30 Second Flicks!!

The final extended deadline for the NIGHT OF 100 FILMS event at the Philadelphia Film Festival is the 21st Feb - still time to submit! Films can be any genre, style or budget, but must be 30 seconds or less (including titles, excluding credits). Don't have a 30 second film handy? Grab your cam and shoot one - it doesn't have to be technically dazzling, entertain us and it's in the fest! Go to www.withoutabox.com and look for NIGHT OF 100 FILMS on the menu, or visit www.discovolanteproductions.com and click NIGHT OF 100 FILMS (paper pdf entries also accepted with a postmarked deadline of 21st Feb). GO FILM!
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You extended the deadline? Let mek now if it extends again - due to a family problem I had to ditch this project cause I thought it was due yesterday. But Now I have time again.
Deadline extension

Yup, the deadline is now 21st Feb - but we won't be extending it beyond then (unless you can persuade us to squeeze in your film by personal request). Remember too, that's a postmarked deadline.

Anyone who can get something to us has a very good chance of being included in the festival and on the planned promo DVD, so it's really worth the effort. And don't be put off if you haven't the budget to do something slick - it just has to be entertaining. Grab a few buddies and your camcorder and shoot a one-take masterpiece...
Just to let you all know, it's $15 to enter. I was actually going to enter something, but I don't think the expenditure is justifyable for me.

More info:

The festival is open to films and videos in all genres.

Maximum length of entries is 30 seconds.

Entries must be submitted on 1/2" VHS (NTSC) cassette or DVD for preview. Multiple entries on a single tape or disc are not permitted. Tapes must be cued for viewing.

Festival screening will be on DVD only. If your submission is on VHS, be prepared to send a DVD version for screening. DVD entries will be used for final screening.

Entries submitted in a language other than English must have English subtitles.

A completed entry form and entry fee of $15 (payable in U.S. funds) must accompany each entry. Make checks payable to Disco Volante Productions.

Entries must be postmarked no later than February 15, 2005.

All possible care will be taken in handling of entries; however, Night of 100 Films cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to entries.

For confirmation that your entry was received, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard.
Thanks for posting the info, Cootdog, and sorry to hear you won't be submitting. We did try to keep the submission as low as we could but without big corp sponsorship we needed the help...

Not as many filmmakers rose to the challenge as we hoped, despite a lot of enthusiasm for the idea. If anyone is still hesitating, get it in and get it screened.
Unfortunately my :30 isn't complete. I hate waiting on others.... If we had a more definite date AND if I had more time, I would be able to work on it but with the new job... time is not on my side.