Just wanted to say hello Eveyone I'm new to the Fourm

Hello everyone ,

I live in Northern Va right outside of Washington DC and I'm New to this fourm, I am also new to Film Making. It all started along time ago when I always had a video camera on me when we traveled and boy did we travel, Every weeked almost From March to Nov. Becasue of the Race series. I taped Everything and then I would go home during the week and edit it on the cheap program, so we could kick back later and laugh our but off. I never even thought about making movies, I just had fun and people always liked them. Then years later a girl i knew asked if I wanted to be an extra in a movie and I have always been a big movie buff. ( Mostly all the old school actors) So i said yeah, and even though we were there for almost 11 hours and it was cold, I loved every bit of it and I got to get up close and see how they did everything, and how they set up lighting for shots and so on......

From then on I never saw a Film the same, now I sit there and watch and figure out how they got that shot and I really really admire them. such as camera placement , lighting and sound.....I thinkt o the point I drive my girlfrind up the wall when we watch a movie. a good example is "Identity" with John C. and Ray L. , simple shots like the rain pouring off the roof. and so on.

I have been Reading and Reading and Reading non stop on Film making. I was using a crappy little Hi-8 camera up utill a friend and I invested in better equipment.

I'm the type of person that set's his mind on something and will get it done, I'm very open to everyone's ideas and comments and I always listen, becasue I think thats the best way to lean , Is to listen , and also you sould always be willing to take a chance. That is Me , summed up.

For everyone out there , I encourge ALL Criticism
and I welcome people close/far to me to contact me , always looking for peole that share the same intrest .

Looking foward to many great Talks !!!!!

Also even I have not been on here very long , I have spent some time on here and seen alot of the members work on there links or so , and I really think alot is really great!!!!



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Hey johnnyReb,

Welcome! One thing for sure, you've got desire, motivation and a great attitude. Dammmmn, I think that's about 99% of what you need. (it's safe to assume you'll get the other 1% here:))