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Join The Fight

Hey guys, I'm one of the many filmmakers out there looking at crowdfunding to fund her first feature. Check out the campaign, if ya like what you see pass it along on your social networks and if you could find it in your hearts to donate a couple dollars to a fellow filmmaker that would be eternally appreciated :)

The feature is a post apocalyptic film that takes place in a cold desolate Canada. You can also view the short film it's being expanded from for free on the page.


Thanks for your time and hope you decide to join the fight :)
Nice expected budget breakdown. Good to see where a director/producer's priorities are.
There are too few of those on these donation request projects.

Well, your project has been added to the current running list of projects, and as will all other projects many IT members would like to see what your crowdfunding experiences were, how things went, and what you learned.

Thank you and good luck!
Thanks for adding us to the list! Yeah we figured the budget breakdown would be a good idea to show exactly where peoples money is going to go :)