news Jamie Lee Curtis Advises to Never Go Back to Your Trailer on Set: ‘It’s My Secret Sauce’

Jamie Lee Curtis may be everywhere all at once these days, but one place she isn’t is in her trailer. The Oscar nominee revealed that she prefers to stay on set for as long as possible in hopes to maximize her screen time.

“Here’s the deal,” Curtis said during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (via Insider). “It’s my secret sauce. Don’t go back to your trailers. Trailers are not your friend.”

Curtis added, “Jonathan Wang, our producer of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ will tell you I never left the set. I don’t believe in it.”

The legendary “Halloween” star added that she expanded her scripted role for 2019 whodunit “Knives Out” after hanging around production longer than she needed to. Writer-director Rian Johnson added Curtis’ character into scenes at the last minute due to her availability.

“He once called me his MVP on ‘Knives Out,’ and when he was asked why, he said, ‘Because she was always on set. She never left the set,'” Curtis said. “He ended up using me in shots he wasn’t going to use me in because I was on set.”

Curtis previously opened up about having a “very rough time” during the “Knives Out” production as she was “quite isolated” and living in a Massachusetts hotel by herself. “A lot of the movie, I’m not in. I was alone for a lot and it was a very tough time,” Curtis shared. “I really felt like I was this tiny, tiny, delicious but tiny little part of the puzzle.”

Curtis now quipped that she stands out among her fellow Academy Award Best Supporting Actress nominees for another distinct reason other than her set practices: “I’m the only Oscar nominee who has ever sold yogurt that makes you shit,” Curtis joked, referring to her infamous Activia commercials.

She also is among the few actors who have made the distinct statement of not being interested in joining the MCU anytime soon.

“I’m afraid if I do a Marvel movie, they’re going to stick dots all over me and make me act by myself in a warehouse somewhere,” Curtis said, calling back to the “Knives Out” loneliness. “But I’m a collaborating artist. I work with a lot of people on a lot of different things, and if the role was interesting and if I could bring what I do to it, of course I would [work with Marvel]. What am I going to do, say no? Of course!”