Is YouTube killing Filmmaking?


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As the author of that blog wrote:

So yes, at first YouTube Director may seem like a threat. But, I believe that if you distinguish yourself and take advantage of this new situation, YouTube Director offers more opportunities for filmmakers than it takes away.

That's exactly what I think. Nothing more I can add.

Thanks for bringing this blog to out attention.
Even if this offers a new viable option, talent and quality are still going to factor into the mix. And if you, as a business owner are terrible at shooting a compelling advert, and no one they know personally can do it any better, then they're going to need to look elsewhere to get the quality they desire. Either way, they're going to have to pay somebody to get the thing made.
Actually... I just looked at what their third option is.

Seems a big stretch to get someone to go to where-ever your business is for a mere $150 and do all of that stuff though. How would they manage to make that work? $150 isn't enough for travel expenses, and they would have to be good enough at their job to get something done onsite in one day, otherwise then Youtube would have to pay for room and board for a night, which adds up. And $150 ain't gonna cover that.

Maybe the trick is that they hope the business model picks up enough to balance out the different options with their others, so that the more people go for option one or two, option three can cost a lot less because it's other expenses are being covered by one and two. But only if it all works. And it might. In which case, I don't know how well it would work out.

Someone would still have to fill all of these open slots for filmmakers for option 3, and in each state in the country I would assume. Although I don't feel very confident that working FOR Youtube in that way would be a very rewarding job, lol, as you would be answering to Google rather than your own bottom line as an independent videographer, and you might have to sacrifice creativity for something cheap and quick, which would greatly diminish the quality of local advertising and cause a lot of it to become homogenized.

So there would be a lot of strange side-effects and results that could come from this, if it gets going full speed. We will all have to monitor this development and see where it's going.
I gotta agree with directorik, the bigger option 2 gets the more paying jobs in this field I would think. However should the first and third options take off it really only cuts so much, not to mention no computer or software is ever going to create genuine art. After a few thousand are produced the repetition kicks in, just like those "Web Page Wizards" they're all pretty much the same, advert constantly scream for change and new ideas. FilmmakerJ is prolly right on with glitches and such in the work. I have a feeling this is going to fall apart like the wright brother's first design! Of course only time can tell..