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call-for-entries Inviting Screenwriter to submit scripts for Financing


Greetings. Hope you are doing well.

My name is Adam Chadwick, Film Director based in Newyork,USA and co-founder of Atomism Films.

My IMDB Profile: https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm8688864

We are currently inviting screenwriters to submit their short and feature-length screenplays. We will be working with the writer to pitch their scripts in front of producers and attempt to get financing to make the films. We are looking for low-budget films to help acquire financing for and if no financing comes, we would like to make the film ourselves

The types of screenplays we are looking for:
*Contemporary/Modern Stories only.
*US-based stories are preferential, but open to stories based in any country in the world.
*Must be under 130 pages in length
*Scripts with very minimal locations and characters are preferred to keep the budget down.
*English Language scripts
*Unpublished Novellas and Novels

*It is understood that screenwriters will be willing to allow our director to direct their films if the script is green-lit for production
*Pay is 100% deferred until financing is acquired and/or the completed film sells

* Last date for submission is July 10.2020

If any of your students are interested in submitting their script, they can contact us at this email address with the below information.

Required upon submission from screenwriters:
*Log line (Mandatory)
*1 page synopsis (Mandatory)
*Treatment (if possible)

If you need any clarification, feel free to reach out to me.

Adam Chadwick