Intense and heterogeneous Track to be used as Soundtrack

Hi everyone and thank you for admitting us to the community!

We are the LaMa, a "Sound Project" in which me and a friend of mine try to create tracks from melodies that just don't stop to ring in our heads... We also are proud to claim that we compose and buil our music using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) ... We always say we just love making music "Our open way".

We think that LaMarcia (our first track), might be a nice track to use as a videogame soundtrack, so we thought to propose it to you on this forum.

The track changes a lot throughout its duration and as is very heterogeneous, so we think it could be used in various genres of video games and scenarios. Anyway - if we had to choose - we think taht the central/ending part could fit well in a scenario with an ascending rhythm: something like the scenario where a "key disclosure" for the main character of the game takes place and which ends with an intense chase or combat scene. Clearly, this was just to give a simple example, we think it may work well also for other scenes.

Obviously, the track is 100% free to use. (CC BY 3.0 license)

We just leave you to the track now, so enjoy! : LaMa - LaMarcia

As the track is quite a long one, we also wish to leave you a link to the very brief music teaser of the track: this brings you directly into the "chorus" (the more intense part of the track) and is a great way to get an idea of what the "climax" of the track is like: LaMa - LaMarcia TEASER

We also leave you a direct link to the track hosted on freemusicarchive, in case you need an easy way to download the track and use it in your works: LaMa - LaMarcia - freemusicarchive

We just hope you enjoy our music.

You could also find us on Facebook, Spotify, Amazon Music and many other music distributors, just stay in touch if you like!

P.S. We really hope we haven't broken any forum rules and that this is the right category for the topic, in the case of any problem, please let us know and we will instantly try to recover
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