Indiegogo Startup

I can tell you immediately that it's not ready.

There's no video, only a small bit of text and a mere three perk levels. If you are producing a video then you should always, always, always wait until that video is finished before you post the campaign. You also need to flesh out the text pitch because very few people are going to be willing to give you money on the basis of 300 words. And make some more perk levels.

This is the very minimum that you need to do. Crowdfunding is not just about 'biting the bullet' and giving it a go. It requires careful planning, preparation and a lot of hard work.

A while back I wrote this article about how to run a crowdfunding campaign. It might give you a few tips. And, just to prove I wasn't entirely guessing how to do it, I did manage to successfully crowdfund a feature film.
Difficult, isn't it, if the goal is just a bit of startup money for Website and a couple of promos. I'll probably tinker with it but am not taking it TOO seriously -- because funding the pilot as and when, is the serious business. Never used it before so it's useful experience with how it works even if it gets little support. Though some'd be nice!