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Indie Film Needs Your Help!

Hey everyone,

I'm an independent producer in Los Angeles who's been trying to get a film made for 3 years. We have most of the budget, and now, as a finalist in the 'Netflix Find Your Voice competition,' we have a very real shot at making it come true. If we win, we get the rest of the budget and we get to make this film in TX this October. It's a movie the studios won't give the money for, but it's a great story and it really deserves to be seen.


'Natural Selection' is the film, and as of this posting it's in 5th.

We have Connie Britton attached to star in the film (the mom from 'Friday Night Lights') and we're hoping to cast an awesome male lead very soon.

If you have a moment, please vote and help us win this thing. If you'd like to e-mail me with any questions - gbarto@defianceent.com

Thanks so much. (And I hope this kind of post is allowed in here. If it's not, I'm really sorry.)
watched it.... and all the rest. Pretty bold not going with a trailer like most of the other films, but I dig that you told a story in a scene... and you made me laugh so extra points for that.