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Independent drama feature film "King" needs funding-Kickstarter


Here's the kickstarter about the feature film "King". Seen through the eyes of unwelcome outsider, Charlie, "King" unfolds on the vile and arrogant deeds of Reginald Addard and the rest of the Addard family as they vie for the family fortune. The film is a psychological drama with hints of horror.

The kickstarter includes information on the team working on the film, as well as a teaser. Any help or feedback you can give would be very appreciated.

Hey how are you. I will definitely check it out....The best of luck with your kickstarter campaign..

If you get a chance, please check out a little promotional introduction teaser I put together for a film I'm directing called Becky... You can check it out on you tube "Becky Promotional Teaser"..

Once again, the best of luck to you!!!
Looks exciting! I love the part where she opens the bag full of money and puts some cocaine in there. I kept wondering how she had such a nice place if she was a college student. That explains it!