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campaign In the genre of the blockbuster film The Sound of Freedom...

Fact: Human sex trafficking is one of the biggest if not THE biggest threat to families across the world.
Also fact: Ninjas are totally cool.
So, let's make a movie where ninjas slice up pedophile rapists. Why not, right?
How can you get involved and help, you ask?

Any help (like just visiting my campaign page) is a huge benefit to this project.

Thank you,

Anthony M. Dionisio
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I know you guys won't let the pedophile rapists win, right?
If someone rapes a pedophile I didn't see or hear anything.
Don't ask me to testify.

I'd say you need a less overtly manipulative marketing technique but least you got a reply out of me
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Sometimes you have to try different things to see what sticks. All feedback is extremely helpful and welcomed.
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