IMPORTANT: green screen setup

Someone experience in DIY for quality green screen setup, please have a look:

Green Screen setup sketch:

This is my room length. I have done my own backdrop:

Below images are the equipments that I have now:

I have 4 70w lights now. 2 'f & v double lamp socket', 2 stands, 1 diffuser (umbrella)
I am willing to buy more lights, what lights do I need, please guide me
Have you actually tried to see if the footage you get with all of this stuff looks good or not?

Cause your setup isn't a whole lot different than what I've been using, and it always worked pretty well for me.
That can be okey. It depends how wide is your green screen. Because you have now 2 lights on the sides. Best result you get if you can get the light like 1m between each other on the midle of the screen and up shooting little bit down. So most of the spill light goes to down. It helps you if the space is not so big and if it don't work so well you can try to give little bit back light to the actor that you get line of you actor more sharp and if it spill example on white hair with that you can little bit light the green of the hair.