I'm new & hungry to compose!

Hiya :D
I'm Jonny (my composer moniker is Kong Audio) & I'm looking to expand my film/TV/game/radio composing work, & am really keen to offer my services to any of you lovely folks. As i'm trying to expand my portfolio & to learn I will provide work at no charge to any indie filmmakers who would like to give me a shout.

Here's a link to my webshite where there are a few example videos & music if you'd like to have a look:


If you like what you hear then please do get in touch!

And I'm always keen to learn too so am most happy to also chat regardless :yes:

Thank you for your time!
Just to add: i'm NOT new to music production (ooooh, no, i've been making music for 20-odd years!), just new to this site! I.e. my music doesn't sound like it's being performed by a 'new musician'! lol
Please feel free to check out the link in my post above to see if you like my style :)