I'm Andrew, want to learn video editing basics

Hello,. NIce place to get more information and learning, also for discussion.
I had little xp in video editing, I have my own YT channel, but mostly I like to create music.
I make music for "work & rest" videos. Want to collaborate with some skilled video producers.
If you interested, I leave the link in Promotion.

My dream is shoot videoclip for one of my songs.
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Learning is best done by doing AND watch/read how others do it AND getting constructive feedback.

The key question is: do you want to SHOOT a music video or do you want a MUSIC VIDEO?
The first option will mean you will need to learn a lot of stuff untill you are satisfied about your skills, but that is time you can't spend on what you really love: making the music.
Yea, I want to have videoclip, but I have no skills to make it by myself. Otherwise, sometimes I feel something like inspiration and in this times I must to take camera, go into place and make the video. Making of video is beautiful to do, but as I think, most thing to do good clip its Idea. Than montage.. maybe.
Everything is important: idea and execution (shots, light, styling, location, edit).
But yes: go pick up that camera and do stuff. Stop dreaming about filming stuff and do it.