I order my camera later today!

I'm anxiously waiting for my MK II to be delivered any minute now, so I understand the feeling you had. I've literally been flying down the stairs to the door everytime I hear a sound that could be remotely tied to a UPS truck :lol:
I live on a cul de sac and seated myself on the couch so I could see the only entrance to our little piece of paradise out the window.
OK... more toys... successful pawn shop trip today. For christmas, I got a 4Gb Eye-Fi card from my Dad (very cool)... and just bought a Titar 135mm @ f/3.5 and a Sigma 28-80mm @ f/3.5-f/4.5 for $5 / lens! My daughter gifted them to me :)

I have to find a couple of screws for the 28-80, but for $5, who cares :) Still have to get adaptor rings for them, but now I've got a 28-80, 50, & 135... I'm ready to shoot as soon as those come in :)

Eventually, I'd still like something in an 18mm & 250-350mm range to get wider and longer respectively, but this is a nice start :)
Does anyone have a link to images and measurements of various lens mounts? I can't determine precisely what the Titar has for a mount.
Congrats! You're almost complete :) I will be buying one next week, not as expensive as yours but an entry level DSLR such as T2i. I've been in contact with the store manager and according to what he said I'll be getting a tripod stand, if I remember it correctly he said 18-55mm zoom lens, and a remote controller. What do you say friends? Will it be the best pick for that price range?

Also I have never touched a DSLR camera so I have no idea how to use it. There are plenty of videos out there on youtube and its hard to chose. Is there any one which you already know?
The T3i is the replacement model for the T2i (and has since been replaced by the T4i)... our cameras will be fairly comparable.
Knightly is so quick on here answering everyone's questions. (He even beats others to the punch and is able to answer his own questions!)

My ninja skills abide!

So at work today, I decided to take some pix to figure out how the different lengths look from the same spot (it was REALLY slow today). I'm still hand jamming the new lenses, so focusing was quite difficult, but I wasn't looking for that... just framings (I'd still like an 18mm and a 250mm -- but I'm good to shoot stuff now :) ):

Sigma 28-80mm @ 28mm
(~45mm w/ 1.6 crop from the APS-C in the T3i/600D)
Nikkor 50mm
Sigma 28-80mm @ 80mm
Titar 135mm
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Are you shooting neutral? That Nikkor looks ... pale? lite? but very clear... Those Sigmas look great, and that Titar too. Can't wait to see some videos (you too huh?)
Shooting relatively flat as of now, but the color correction done on those images was the "auto enhance" on the photo app on my iPhone. No actual control over the images. Again, I was just going for framing reference. All images taken from the same spot in our box office.
That... there's a huge skylight that runs the length of that hallway, the first two were taken when there was daylight, the last two it was lit by the red neon you see at the end of the hallway... so the happy sunshine went away between them.