How to attach a DSLR to a c-stand?

I recently purchased a few Impact C-stands with extension arms. I'd like to attach my 5d mark ii to the extension arm so I can get some high angle shots and even rotate the arm while filming.

Can anyone recommend an adapter that will enable me to connect my DSLR to the c-stand?
Done it many times before, you can even put it on a dolly to get dolly overheads.

You need a Baby Pin with a 3/4" on it. Screw the baby pin into a baseplate of some sort (if the camera is light enough and you're not doing a lot of crazy stuff, it may be okay to go right into the bottom of the camera AT YOUR DISCRETION), then knuckle the baby-pin.

Don't put any major weight on it, you'll bend the pin.
Thanks for the info. I would only be putting my 5d mark ii on it and I would be extra careful. Probably tie the strap from the camera to the c-stand so if for some reason it did detach, it wouldn't hit the floor.

Any idea where I can find one of these baby pins with a 3/4" screw? I am searching, where I got the adapters for my lights but have no luck so far:
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Alternatively, any stud with a 1/4" 20 thread on it that'll fit in a knuckle.

We've done it a few times for steady shots, I wouldn't plan on getting smooth motion out of it. Especially on a DSLR with rolling shutter haha.