Hospital Scene

Hey all, I have this short film in mind for awhile now, and one of the big things that's stopping it from making into reality is a hospital scene. The general idea is a guy getting pushed into the emergency room, or something along the lines of that. Doesn't have to be pin point accurate.

The problem is, I don't have big budgets and doing this as a hobby, so there's no way I can construct anything/or pay a hospital/set, so I was wondering, is there a way to fake it? The problem with trying to change a normal room to a hospital room is I think the bed, as it's very distinctly different from normal beds we have.

If there's any bright ideas, it will be greatly appreciated.
the only thing i can think of is getting something that looks close enough to a stretcher and push it along a floor that looks like it could be in a hospital. Film it as if we were looking done on him being pushed to the er and frame it so that you don't see the walls, just the subjects head on shoulders on the stretcher and the a little bit of floor on the sides. Well see the floor moving by and assume that his being pushed to the er just on instinct. and if the takes to long and you wanna intercut it with something film like his hand on the stretcher or the wheels. best of luck
Look for other places have a medical look to them. How about a school infirmary? Some businesses - manufacturing, mining, etc., also have emergency facilities on site. There are also out-patient clinics, local "free" clinics, etc. Trade some photography/video work for access.
For the bed, I'm not sure. Maybe just use a long table like this...

...covering it with a sheet and propping up one part of it with pillows so it looks like it's reclined up

Then make some things out of pvc and shower curtains that look like this

Use daylight or white lights to mimic the lighting in a hospital. Plan your angles right and you can shoot it anywhere.