Horror, Sci-Fi & Animated Films WANTED


SmashPit Magazine is looking for good horror, sci-fi, fantasy and animated short films on YouTube and Vimeo, that newbies to the indie world can enjoy without dishing out the dough (we'll get them there, but you gotta start somewhere). If you have a film up on Youtube or Vimeo, or know of a good one, please contact us. In return, we'll make sure it gets featured in our digital magazine on the Amazon Kindle.

You film submission must be in one of the following genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Suspense or Thriller. We accept animated short films from the sci-fi, fantasy, suspense and horror genres. This is not a contest so no entry fee is involved. There is no deadline. Please include a link to your site, video url, the title and a description of the film.

If selected, it will show up in an upcoming issue of our magazine on the Amazon Kindle, along with your movie poster, website url, and any other information you would like to share about your movie.

Email submissions to: smashpittv@gmail.com

For more details, go to:

Thanks all! :yes: