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Help Support a Unique Short Film Project

Hey everybody. My name is Jason Miller. I'm a filmmaker from Arkansas. I wanted to tell about my latest short film, a collaboration with my good friend Seth Savoy in Chicago.

The film is an intense crime drama about two brothers - one in rural Arkansas, the other in Chicago - fighting for their lives against a single threat from their past. The parallel storylines will be directed by both Seth and I respectively in separate productions, with careful consideration as to how they will fit together and influence each other as a single film. Yes, this is an unusual approach to filmmaking - that's why we're so excited about it.

This film began as a means of the two of us staying in touch after Seth moved to Chicago to attend Columbia. With our friendship based so strongly on our passion for making films, it just made sense that the best way to continue our friendship long distance was to make a long distance movie. If that sounds like a gimmick, maybe it was. But that's not what it's turned out to be. Halfway through the script development, we realized we had something much bigger on our hands. We had a story about separation, made all the more powerful by the unique manner in which it was conceived. It is also a strong example of the power of collaboration and of how two styles and ideas can serve one purpose.

Right now, we're looking for a little bit of financial help, so please check us out on Indiegogo:

Thank you.