movies Help needed with movie title, description in post!

Hi everyone, I have remembered an American movie that I would like to know a name of. It is more an old low-fi then just indie movie, but this might also be because the version I have seen on a local TV was a very bad VHS copy way back in the beginning of 1990's. I hope someone or a few of you could know the title, because it really stuck in my mind as an interesting surprise. The movie happens in some rural setting or just a setting where there is a lot of trees and greens. It might be on the bank of a lake, I am not sure, and the protagonists are there on vacation I think. The main protagonists are two young people, I am not sure if they are teenagers or a bit older. They live in bungalows and as the movie progresses they slowly get together. The young guy also has a younger sister or a brother. I remember also that there was some cartoonish bad guy, some obnoxious dude that is annoying this youngster and picking on him. In the end they play chicken and the youngster wins. It is a comedy / dramedy, but definitely no horror and nobody dies or has died and there is no scene in a quarry, so this is not "The Heavenly Kid". There are no known actors and as I remember the acting was more like naturalistic, so no high profile acting, but it somehow made for an interesting experience. There is also one thing that I remember - a song was in this movie that has just one lyric - "Pray for another day". This song is mostly an instrumental, there is only the verse, there is really no chorus and this lyric comes in at every 7th bar (for those with a little musical knowledge). This lyric is sung by a duet I think, definitely more than one person and different gender definitely. Also for anyone who has musical knowledge, I think the chord progression is : C, G Am F or an equivalent progression transposed to a different key. These chords just repeat and every second Am comes in there is the "Pray for another day" lyric. I really tried to be as specific as possible so someone could tell me the name of this movie. Please help, I would like to see this movie one more time or at least know it's title.