Hello I'm Ninichi | Freelance Composer for Film, Games & Media

Hello everyone :hi:! I'm new to the forum & am an experienced freelance composer for games, film & media. I'm a great supporter of indie projects & would love to hear about yours and be a part of it if you feel there's a good fit!

I compose in a wide range of styles and have so far created music for horror / fantasy / dramas / animated shorts as well as a variety of trailers, commercials & TV shows.

If you check out my portfolio, you should get a better sense of me & my work: ninichimusic.com

I've done a lot of work on game soundtracks and some on indie films. I'd love to connect with more indie filmmakers since I've really enjoyed all the films I've worked on so far. So, please do let me know how your project is going and if you need any help with the music! I'd love to get involved ;)


:idea:Note: I also have a blog which aims to show case some new indie films & support indie filmmakers & indie game developers: Ninichi Blog