Hello! I am a northern filmmaker based in Manchester and have been studying film for over 5 years!

Hi Guys!

My name is Connor and I'm an indie filmmaker currently studying filmmaking at MMU in Manchester. I hope to continue down that path after graduation and get to work with more talented filmmakers and actors. At the moment I am in the pre-production stage of my graduate film 'voicemail' which I'm directing, while also in the post-production stage of a documentary I was the lead camera-op on, (basically the DP but it's tough assuming that role for a documentary, a whole other topic of discussion I'm sure) the doc is called 'Highlights 2020' and comes out sometime next month if all goes well. I would like to think my strengths are in camera work and directing narratives but I also have an interest in making documentaries in my spare time as a one-man crew.

If any of you have any questions about me or my work feel free to ask away and I look forward to interacting with you guys!


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