Hello everyone!

Hello! My name is Paul Lamano. I am a Nurse by profession and a Musician by heart. I am married with one kid. I am Filipino but moved to Canada in 2017. I love singing, playing my instruments like guitar, trombone and others. I love to collect any kinds of books, mostly novels. I used to be a chess player when I was younger but stopped playing before I started to be in college. I am a homebody person just like my wife and son but we do enjoy driving around and walking around our neighborhood and some parks. My weakness is math and numbers (good thing my wife is very great math person, and so is my son). I love watching movies during my free time especially when I am off from work. I sometimes go for fishing with my friends. I love drinking beer but had to cut down few years ago. I love reading books especially the romance one. I love writing poems and I love composing songs. I feel like I have lots to say about myself but for now, this will be enough. I would love to connect my fellow musician and composer. Thank you so much!
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