HD Rendering and memory problems in Vegas

Hi, I'm starting to freak out (yes just starting ok?).

I've been a loooonnnnngggg time user of Vegas, and I thought I knew it perfectly and that it was the perfect tool for me.

I've been making short corporate HD movies for different clients (less than 10 mins), and slowly but surely, I started to run into rendering problems in Vegas: my rendering stops and it says low memory problem. I'm not talking about the "red clip problem" (you'll find discussions on this everywhere on the web except on Sony's website), that I partly solved by disabling dynamic ram preview and using image sequences.

But the thing is that I am not able to render long HD files (when I finally managed to import every 1080p clip that I need in my session.........).

I work in win 7 64 bits.
I have a ICore 7 920 with 6gb ram DDR3.
I have huge fast disks for a total of 6 tb of space.....
I have this crazy video card NVidia Quadro 3800.

But I can't render a 20-mins clip, 1920X1080 24p, mpeg2 (for bluray let's say) from EXR image sequences. I switched from hd video to image sequences when I realized that -in the best-case scenario- Vegas would not allow me to import more than 15 minutes of hd video (canon 7D footage) in my session. So now I can import all my exr sequences and they show up in the video preview (great! I thought....), but the render crashes every time.

Any thought regarding video editing on a pc?

I think I must consider switching to another software (10 years of working with Vegas grrrr.....), but I can't figure out how they claim RED compatibility when you can't render an HD project!!! And more troubling to me, the possibility that nobody has been able to render a 1 hour HD mpeg2 from Vegas. I mean, it's a well-known software, right?
I've never had any problems rendering HD footage from .r3d or any other source for that matter. Are you running some other app in the background? Antivirus, etc? Have you checked your project setup and preferences? Is your CPU or memory overclocked? Have you tried rebooting the PC, opening the project and rendering (without opening any other apps first)? How many plugins/fx do you have running in the project?

Its not the software. I've rendered out a multitude of feature length HD projects from Vegas 9 with no issues on a Win7 box, 6gb ram, and an i7 cpu......
So you say you can render 1080p files in Vegas, files longer than 15-20 minutes? Honnestly, I have tried everything (but I did not try to disable my anti-virus) you suggested above, and everything from the Sony support too. Sony support service is not awnsering to my problem I submited to them.
My cpu is not overclocked and I have the most stable system that you can have on pc.... It was assembled by an official Autodesk reseller, and they are specialized in 3D and video editing systems. Nobody is perfect, but I trust they did a good job, I can handle billions of polygons in Maya without crashing... I have already tried all the solutions you propose without success.
The only way I can sometimes render a long HD file is by limiting the number of files in my Vegas session. So, after I have finished my editing, I need to mix several video files together and render what will be my long file in different segments, and then render in one file. It's true that sometimes you can reboot and repoen right away Vegas and succeed in rendering what did not work before. But with a session with 30 HD 1080p from my canon 7D I was unable to render in any way, and that was just too much. The fact is that I was working on a project for a client recently, and I had lot of trouble with those rendering crashes when I needed it to be done! I mean I had a deadline and it was just keeping crashing dammit!
It might be a conflict between my hardware and my software, but everything works fine until I render longer files, so.... What it does (I can see in the Windows Task Manager) is the memory usage goes up up up, until 93%, stays like this and then it crashes with a message Low memory, please close applications... Anyway I think I will be switching to Avid, I am really surprised that it works for you because I have seen other people experiencing my problem on the Net. Thanks for replying!!
There's this other thread on another forum worth looking, but it's just the same thing as me...:
What file type is your source footage? What file type are you rendering to?

Handling polygons is kind of apples and oranges to rendering video. Most of my work is 3D and I almost need 2 different machines for it (video card mostly).

Are you using the 32bit or 64bit version? Have you tried it in the other?
Try closing out all the background processes you dont need.

You could break your edit up into 3 sections (acts) and then drop those 3 into a final file and render them together? Or render your audio mix as a single file instead of several.

Try killing all the FX you have in the project and see what happens then.
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